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24 Mar 2015
The Adrian Peterson rhetoric is heating up again. He seems to be ramping up his public distaste for returning to Minnesota. So what is his beef anyway? Did the Vikings throw him under the bus or is it the other way around? From where I sit, the Vikings paid Peterson 12 million dollars last year to play one game. That is pretty sweet dough. Yes, Peterson is arguably one of the best running backs ever; but lets remember that Minnesota has been great giving him good offensive linemen to run behind for his whole tenure there. The only issue there has always been a mediocre quarterback and 8 or 9 men in the box. With Bridgewater that won't happen. He can stretch the field better than any of their other QB's of the last 15 years except for Favre, who didn't last long.
Peterson's trouble began with the switch deal but that didn't happen in Minnesota. It happened in Texas. It is ironic that be blames Minnesota but wants to play in the state that prosecuted him. Texas is where all of this originated. The bottom line, he wants to play in Dallas. It is because he lives in Texas in a beautiful mansion that the Vikings paid for. It's time for Adrian Peterson to buck up, shut up and show up.

18 Mar 2015
The State of Minnesota is reminding everyone that March Madness office pools are illegal. They say any reported betting on office pools will be investigated and possibly prosecuted. Last night there were gang fights all over downtown Minneapolis. I think they should take a better look at their priorities.

17 Mar 2015
There is a lot of chatter today about Chris Borland retiring from the San Francisco 49ers due to head trauma concerns. I have been listening to rhetoric on this issue for several years now and everyone seems to be missing the bigger issue with this. It is the helmets. They are just too damn hard on the outside. How tough is to add a soft exterior on the helmets to soften those impacts? That would affect the pretty NFL logos though so they probably wouldn't want to sign off on that. Are you getting where the problem stems from?

14 Mar 2015
Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports said today that the Arizona Cardinals were looking at possibly giving the Minnesota Vikings a #2 draft pick for Adrian Peterson. What a joke. The best running back ever, even at age 29, is worth at least 2 #1 picks. If Minnesota moves him for less they are fools.

22 Feb 2015
Bleacher Reporter Jason Cole reported this week that Adrian Peterson wants to go to Dallas. I am thinking why would Peterson want to go to the state that prosecuted him for child abuse (where his troubles all started). Peterson is still under contract with the Minnesota Vikings for 3 more years. He can't just walk away. Maybe the Cowboys will be willing to give the 11 Minnesota draft picks back that they got for Herschel Walker at the same point in his career. Minnesota needs Peterson. He is the difference between them being a division contender in 2015 or being another also ran at the bottom of the division. Look for Minnesota to try to negotiate the price for Peterson down (Marshawn Lynch was offered 21 million for 2 years today by the Seattle Seahawks). If Peterson won't take a new contract , look for the Vikings to trade him. Dallas is living a pipe dream if they think they will get Peterson for nothing. It is not going to happen.
13 Feb 2015
John Boehner appeared very pleased today with the Keystone pipeline vote. The republican majority again wasted weeks getting nothing of value done for the American people. The president will 100% for sure veto this bill. Why? Well here are the facts:
 - The Keystone pipeline will create less than 200 permanent jobs in the U.S.
 - The Keystone pipeline will eliminate 1,000's of truck driving jobs and 1,000's of railway worker jobs. They are the ones moving the oil now.
 - The Keystone pipeline will run right through the center of America endangering habitat and most importantly our drinking water.
 - The Keystone pipeline will work flawlessly for awhile but what about 20 years from now, after the story is old and forgotten. What happens then? It is simple, it is left to rot, erode and eventually disintegrate back into the surrounding environment. This pattern has been going on for the entire industrial revolution. Look at Detroit. Used up and abandoned. Look at the old arms manufacturing facilities that were abandoned after world War II. They are rotting and full of ground contamination. Look at the automotive industry chrome plating companies from the 70's and their toxic ponds (the sign might read "Relocated to Mexico" or perhaps Puerto Rico). Look at the pharmaceutical companies dumping toxic waste in places like the Kalamazoo River.  The Keystone pipeline will give us the same thing. The most valuable thing on this planet, other than air, is the fresh water. We absolutely can not allow this mess to ruin the future of America's heartland or our drinking supply.

The Keystone pipeline is only the beginning. Right now there are pipeline proposals in several other places as well. The most notable being the proposal to route North Dakota oil across Minnesota to Lake Superior to be shipped through the Great Lakes. This proposal threatens the most pristine watershed and water resource for the entire U.S.

A much more logical pipeline proposal would be to forget about piping oil and seriously start pumping water. Trillions of gallons of fresh water from spring runoff in the U.S. runs right down our rivers and into the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf of Mexico. Start catching that quality fresh water and pipe it into the west where it will be put to good use. This type of recovery system would help to slow the increasing ocean levels globally and it would also give us a means to reduce flooding in the spring. Extract the water as it rises. If the planet keeps warming up maybe we can make a pipeline to the North Pole. We could pump water up there and make snow with it (manmade glaciers). I will sign off for today with that.

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