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Today's background is Andromeda - Credit - NASA

Steal the election, tank the stock market, raise interest rates, raise taxes, stir up a war with Russia, stir up a new war in Africa, send cash to Russia, send cash to Iran, buy Chinese disposable toxic goods, quadruple gas prices, stall infra-structure, create disinformation, blame the previous administration, blame Russia, blame credit card companies, blame big oil, blame your f**king cat.
Are you getting it yet?

Are you tired of your words being "fact checked" by liberals?
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How big are we in the universe?

The Fantastic Machine is an old video worth watching. It takes a minute to load so be patient. See the credit and explanation/a>.

A soldier comes home (commercial)

This great crash movie came in an email (thx Bets)

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"All you can say is Damn!"

This video is very good. The longer you watch it, the more credible it becomes. Enjoy! (thanks, Scott)

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